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Early Blue and White - Flowers and Leaves Pickle Dish

'Flowers and Leaves' Pearlware Leaf Pickle Dish c1815

A beautiful all over pattern, marked examples noted in Coysh by either Henshall or Herculaneum. Here on a rare leaf shaped pickle dish.

Clarice Cliff Windbells

Clarice Cliff Bizarre 'Windbells' Athens Jug c1933

One of the most psychedelic of art deco designs with a black sinuous tree and shimmering blue leaves set against a wavy background of yellow, orange and green. Produced briefly in 1933 and 1934. Shown here to full effect on a rare small Athens jug.

Shelley Harmony

Shelley Harmony 'Drip' Ware Biscuit Barrel c1930
A rare Shelley Harmony Ware biscuit barrel with original removable chrome handle.

Maling Lustre - Primrose Border

A lovely design of primroses on a background of either pink, blue or green lustre. Here on a large dish which shows the pattern to full effect.

Maling Pink Lustre 'Primrose Border' Art Deco Dish c1936

Royal Winton Julia Chintz

Grimwades Royal Winton 'Julia' Chintz Ascot Jug c1938

Here is a lovely Royal Winton 'Julia' chintz Ascot shape cream jug. A vibrant 1930s design with a background of tiny white flowers edged in green. Cerise, yellow and pink roses decorated with green leaves predominate and there are additional sprays of blue flowers and deep pink briar roses.

Royal Doulton Figure - the Boy from Williamsburg HN2183

Royal Doulton 'Boy from Williamsburg' HN2183

A charming figure of a young member of an eighteenth century Williamsburg family from the series designed by Peggy Davies and in production from 1969 to 1983.

Clarice Cliff Water Lily

Clarice Cliff 'Water Lily' Toast Rack c1936

An unusual item from the 'water lily' range introduced in 1936. A central 3 bar toast rack with a lily pond each end for butter and preserves. A charming piece not seen that often.

Shelley Harmony Drip Ware

Shelley Harmony 'Drip' Ware 983 Vase c1935

Introduced by art director Walter Slater, here is a lovely Harmony 'drip' ware 983 vase. A lovely art deco shape with good colours.

Spode's Botanical Patterns

Spode Botanical Patterns Soup Plate c1820

A rare series introduced by Spode c1820. Each shape depicts a different spray of flowers against a line engraved ground whilst a common border of smaller flowers is on a stippled ground.

Royal Doulton Bird of Paradise 'C' Series

Doulton kept their block printing department open for many years after most firms had closed theirs because of cost and a feeling that the technique was obsolete. From 1900 onwards, Doulton designers had begun to exploit the process realising that it was capable of printing broad areas of vibrant colour which came to epitomize art deco style. This striking rack plate from the Bird of Paradise 'C' series is a fine example of the technique.
Royal Doulton Bird of Paradise 'C' series c1938

Maling Embossed Peona

Maling Embossed Green 'Peona' Tankard c1939

A vibrant hand painted design introduced in 1936 with blue, pink and shown here, green backgrounds.

Losol Ware by Keeling and Co

Keelings introduced this range of printed and hand enamelled wares around 1900 and it soon became very popular. These old decorating techniques were given a contemporary treatment and have now come to epitomise a certain style of Edwardian pottery. Here is a fine jug which is very representative of the range.

Losol Ware 'Pagoda' jug c1910

Royal Winton Primula

Primula was first produced in the green colourway in 1933 and over the next couple of years several other colour ranges were added. All have a crispness and brightness; the green, cream or beige leaves providing the perfect foil for the pretty enamelled flowers. The several colour ranges mix and match beautifully. Below are two pieces in different colourways.

Royal Winton Primula sauce boat

Royal Winton Primula salad bowl

Victorian Majolica Jugs and Pitchers

Scottish majolica pitcher c1880

Wardle majolica pitcher c1880

Adams & Bromley majolica pitcher c1880

Maling Embossed Daffodil

A striking hand painted design introduced for wall plaques in 1936. Yellow and white daffodils and narcissi on several background colours including green, grey and shown here, a beautiful deep cobalt blue.

Maling Embossed 'Daffodil' Wall Plaque c1947

Minton's English Scenery

A fine blue and white series introduced by Minton around 1825 of scenic views within a border of flowers and scrolls. The scenes usually have water with sailing boats in the foreground and are marked with the series title on a draped scroll together with the wording 'Semi China'. Many of the scenes are yet to be identified. Here we have a rare jug in lovely condition.

Minton English Scenery jug c1830

Minton English Scenery jug c1830

Royal Doulton 'Christmas Morn' by Peggy Davies HN3212

Royal Doulton 'Christmas Morn' Figurine HN3212

A charming little figurine designed by Peggy Davies as part of the Miniature Ladies Collection and in production from 1988 to 1998.

Grimwade's WW1 Bruce Bairnsfather Ware

Grimwade's Bruce Bairnsfather Ware Cup and Saucer c1920

An unusual Bruce Bairnsfather cup and saucer depicting one of his World War One 'Old Bill' cartoons.

Carnival Glass - Dugan Apple Blossoms

A lovely ruffled bowl by Dugan in amethyst. A wreath of flowers surrounding a central blossom.

Dugan 'Apple Blossoms' amethyst carnival glass

Majolica Fish

Some fine and very different examples of 19th century majolica fish.

Majolica triple fish vase c1880

Majolica fish dish c1880

Pair of majolica fish jugs c1880

Charlotte Rhead - Trellis

Charlotte Rhead Crown Ducal 'Trellis' Flower Jug c1939

A lovely design of wavy edged panels enclosing sprigs of flowers and leaves enamelled in pink, blue and green. Pattern number 6016 introduced in 1939.

Charlotte Rhead 'Trellis' vase c1939

Royal Doulton Shakespearean Characters Series

Royal Doulton Shakespearean Characters Series 'Portia' Cake Plate c1920

Royal Doulton introduced their Shakespearean Characters series in 1912 with a superb polychrome background using various colour washes. Here is a fine dished plate depicting Portia ("The quality of mercy is not strain'd") from 'The Merchant of Venice'.

Royal Winton Chanticleer or Rooster

Grimwades Royal Winton 'Chanticleer' Rooster Jug c1945

Together with Pixie and Lakeland this fine range of hand painted hens and roosters was first shown at the 1936 British Industries Fair. Available in different colourways, Grimwades described the range as 'distinctive novelties' which would be a colourful addition to the breakfast table.

Davidson's Pearline Glass - Victoria and Albert

Introduced by Davidson's glassworks in 1897, their 'Victoria & Albert' pattern (Rd. No. 303519) can be found in both blue and canary yellow pearline.

Davidson's yellow pearline comport c1897

Davidson's blue pearline butter dish c1897

Early Blue and White - The Wild Rose Pattern

This lovely series takes its name from the border of wild dog roses. The central scene shows a view of Nuneham House near Abingdon in Oxfordshire, with surrounding parkland designed by Capability Brown. Produced throughout the 19th century by several factories and first introduced around 1825, the earlier wares have great fineness and clarity.

John Meir Wild Rose serving dish c1830

Clarice Cliff Celtic Harvest

Introduced after the Bizarre ranges in the late 1930s, Celtic Harvest is a classic Clarice Cliff design. Handles and lids are formed from clusters of brightly painted fruit while the main body is moulded with sheaves of corn. Bright orange poppies are added to the spouts of teapots and jugs. Here is a lovely teapot, one of the nicest shapes produced for the range.

Clarice Cliff Celtic Harvest teapot c1938

Clarice Cliff Celtic Harvest teapot (detail) c1938

Royal Winton Sweet Pea

Introduced by Grimwades in the 1930s, Sweet Pea is one of their most vibrant designs.

Royal Winton 'Sweet Pea' canoe shaped dish c1936

Carlton Ware Night Oak

A superb dish in the rare 1930s blue version of Carlton Ware's oak design.

Carlton Ware 'Night Oak' dish c1935

Clarice Cliff - Canterbury Bells

A vibrant floral design on a 'café au lait' background introduced as part of the Bizarre range in 1932.
Clarice Cliff 'Canterbury Bells' c1932

Clarice Cliff 'Canterbury Bells' George jug c1932

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Charlotte Rhead - Bursley Ware pattern TL2

Charlotte's designs for Wood & Sons were marketed under the old Bursley Ware label and given 'TL' (for Tube Line) numbers in the pattern books. TL2 is a fine design of stylised leaves arranged geometrically on a mottled white ground. It works particularly well on this lovely table lamp.

Charlotte Rhead Bursley Ware lamp TL2

Charlotte Rhead Bursley Ware pattern TL2

Maling Ringtons Tea Caddies

Another fine Maling tea caddy made for Ringtons to celebrate the North East Coast Industries Exhibition of 1929.

Maling tea caddy made for Ringtons c1929

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Doulton Burslem

Doulton Burslem Hand Painted 'Wood Sorrel' Cabinet Plate c1891

In 1878 Henry and James Doulton acquired the major interest in the Pinder, Bourne factory in Nile Street, Burslem and in 1882 the name of the firm was changed to Doulton & Company, Burslem. Decorating studios were established and many fine pieces were produced up to 1901 when the royal warrant was granted and they became Royal Doulton.

Doulton Burslem Hand Painted 'Chrysanthemum' Cabinet Plate c1898